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When people say they understand

How to spot an addict, charms addict to be precise.

Tempat kerja baru dah tahu, tinggal nak cari servis helikopter je.

Quote of the day

Of drugs, work & stuff. ( p/s: FB page Nur Fazura tu actually kan dah kena hacked )

Kad kredit

Back to LDR.

Coffee addict

Quote of the day

Me ranting vs me being grateful


Siapa siapa yang suka berselfie boleh baca ni. Siapa ada iphone 6 lagi cool!


Why do woman nag so much?

Alicia Keys - If I Ain't Got You



when life gives you lemons.

kisah hari raya kami

Pengubat hati

Samsung bluetooth keyboard

the thrift sh0p

Pray for Gaza

Bersabar sahaja

Days go by so fast when she's around

Doa sesudah terawih yg penuh syahdu.

Pesanan Berguna

About that social butterfly and our father

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