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13 going on 23

my long lost hubby,oppss ... i mean hobby ;P

thanks for the memories

lappie is laptop. XoXo is hugs & kisses

goodbye Pavillion, Hello USJ =)

it's a 'rojak' thing

the greener grass on the other side is probably artificial turf ;p


when we forget ..

work hard Yes,rich husband NO ye kawan-kawan


manje-uncensored invites.


back flip dowwnnnnnnn the hill =)

Hai ('',)

will be AWAY.

mcDonalds .. i'm loving it!

Emotional disaster

-Posto untuk mohd Amli-



Madu 3

So grateful today

Kekasih gelap yang sanggup buat ape sahaja. isk isk isk

Beautilicious - Twinkling star kit

what doesn't kill us, only make us stronger.

let's cry together

i nak pergi glasgow jumpa my sis esok

untuk yang kuat semangat sahaja

Rock on!

i was wondering why ... now i know ;p

don't torture me like this ... pleasee

when you have no where to run ...

Can boredom kill?

what's for supper tonight?

new blog in town

entry raya sebelum menjadi basi.

selamat hari raya

when 4 years of a person's life means nothing to another person.

when i need you

here's hoping ~

i want to go to PARIS too.


potong saga! LoL

the ugly truth =(

the stakes have increase